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Getting a haircut at a saloon in this Covid pandemic is a callous decision. Moreover, most of the beauty salons are now closed because of current health issues. So, you cannot visit the parlor and make a perfect haircut from professionals.

By staying at home, your hair heads are getting longer and not growing in a perfect shape. Thinking of a haircut at home can bring a miserable situation. It is not easy to cut your own hair or from any unprofessional person. Even trying at Home from YouTube tutorial or without a haircut course can be troublesome to adjust your hairstyle.

Primary while, you may end with the worst nightmare with a haircut experiment. But don't get upset too soon. Having a great and perfect haircut at home, you can follow up on some cutting methods and tricks. Here, you will learn some of the basic tips and details about haircuts at home without any expert hands.


Best Hair Cutting Tips for Women at Home


Depend on Face Shape


Considering your face shape and contrast of the head size, you may choose your haircut. Google for some of the trendy haircuts according to your face size and color tones. You can put a round, square, or straight hair cut on what you feel like doing. By observing your chin bone, and face structure, go for your suitable cut.


For Sports Woman


If you are a sportswoman, you need to remember that having long hair will be great trouble for participating in-game. It can distract you in the field. Having a short haircut or a round bang cut will be the perfect choice for you. Don't worry about an expert cut; you can do a round neck cut with a trimmer at home.

 How to Practice the Haircut at Home

Depending on Age


Don't adopt any kind of hairstyle which may not be appropriated according to your age. For a schoolgirl, having a color hair or undercut hair won't be very acceptable. A simple square cut is best for them to apply while they are at their limited age. Up to that, you can restyle anything that you want to do with your hair.


Texture And Hair Types


There are different hair types and textures that may not be acceptable for choosing any hairstyles. Like, wide straight hair, dry curly hair, tightly curled, wavy, or pumped hair. By understanding your type, you need to find your ideal style. It is not wise to add verities haircuts every time you shirk your hair at home.


Section Your Hair


If you have long hair, then separate the hair into sections according to the hair cut goal. It is always best to section no matter what cut you are performing. Even at home, you will need hair clamps to hold your hair sections for adjusting the hairstyle. Now chop the parts step by step according to the form.


Cut Vertically


After doing the parallel cut, you may find it challenging to make some vertical hair chopping off your own. One of the easiest solutions is to comb out with small sections and clamp it with your two fingers for taking some upright shots. You do not require to cut much with just a few light snips will make you look good.


Ask for Styling Advice


You are staying at home and looking for a haircut to look good on you. But the covid situation is not allowing you to have a visit to the saloon. Now you are just thinking to give an outstanding hair look all by yourself and not demolish the look. Then following expert tips or professional hairdresser advice will provide the best preferences on styling haircuts at home.


Forehead Length


Measuring your forehead length, you should select your hair design. If you have a large forehead, then giving a bang cut will hide the upper area. Also, for a small head, let the things go lighten and soft. So, the bangs do not completely cover your face and make a face look smaller.


Basic Hair Cutting Essentials Needed at Home


  • Spray bottles: At least one spray bottle needs to keep containing fresh water on the desk.
  • Combs: It is best to have three different lengths of fine-tooth combs and use them according to the need.
  • Scissors: For best haircuts, you should hold 2/3 scissors based on the hair length and shape.
  • Two Mirrors: You will need one mirror for the front side and one portable mirror for back observation.
  • Blow Dryer: Use a blow dryer after you shampoo your hair, and don't remain your hair wet.
  • Hairbrush: After cutting hair, you have to swape your head with a fine hair brush to clean your remaining hair.
  • Hair Clamps: There, you may need several hair clamps to clip your hair for the best structure to hold your hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give a woman a haircut?

Ans: Rely on the hair art, always prefer an expert hairdresser for a woman's haircut because styling a woman's hair is not a joke.

Is it better to cut women's hair wet or dry?

Ans: It is always best to have a cut while the hair remains wet or dry, depending on the hair types and tolerances.

Do women cut their hair at home?

Ans: Usually, they don't do any exclusive experiments at home. But every three months, most of them give a slight touch-up at home.

Which hair cutting is best for the girl?

Ans: Round faces are suitable for chubby and round faces. Also, if you have an oval face, you can pull a straight cut considering your chin bones.




If you think you want to apply some celebrity haircut at home, please stop there because you can't make it like them as those are forged by highly professional hair stylizes. But you can make some simple moves to style your hair from the house. Maybe it will take forever to perfect the haircut, but maintaining some basic stuff will help you to reduce the efforts. Some up-trending hair designs can be applicable at home if you make some reasonable attempts and practice the following tips for the perfect results.