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Every hairdresser and beauty professional is aware of the necessity of cleanliness in the workplace. It is an important factor in every operation and service performed in your salon, and achieving the highest level of cleanliness will enhance your client's experience and help reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and infection. It will also increase your company's reputation and ensure that clients continue utilizing and suggesting your services. Now is the moment to deliberate how to keep your customers feeling secure, at peace, and informed about your efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene. This article explores a complete guide about salon sanitation and hygiene.

Sanitize Your Towel Regularly

Sanitize Your Towel Regularly


Towls should be used just once per customer. Be careful to follow this rule. To reduce the spread of germs between clients, this is the best option. Do not re-use salon towels that haven't been washed. To get rid of bacteria, use hot water and a strong detergent in your salon's washing. At 100°C, bacteria are destroyed, while detergent-based cleaning is most effective at 60°C. When the towels are totally dry, take them from the dryer. Avoid leaving towels on the floor at all costs.

Hygiene Your Workplace


Hygiene Your Workplace


Germs may be transferred to your workplace, which is a no-brainer. Disinfectant wipes should be used routinely to clean surfaces, doorknobs, and tables, and protocols should be put in place to assure this. Make sure they're thrown away in a trash can. Cleaning salon floors on a regular basis are important since they gather hair, nails, and other debris. Floors should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent accidents due to slippery surfaces. Please remember to clean up after yourself and dispose of any food that may have gotten on your dishes and silverware if you eat in the salon rest area.

Clean Couches and Chairs


Clean Couches and Chairs


A cut or scrape that isn't covered by plaster or bandage should be taken care of to avoid cross-infection, but most salon furniture is made of vinyl or PVC, which is easy to clean. Besides, a Couch roll can be used to keep salon chairs and sofas from becoming infected with germs. Because ethanol-based disinfectants can weaken the wood and cause cracking and crumbling, they should be avoided at all costs. This allows bacteria to settle in and reproduce.

Keep Hygiene Tools and Instruments


Always sterilize devices between clients to avoid cross-client infection. An autoclave should be used to sterilize cuticle nippers, scissors, and tweezers before use. Warm water and detergent should be used to properly clean bowls, plates, and other salon supplies. When using a disinfectant, always follow the manufacturer's directions. Before drying, make sure to thoroughly rinse your equipment in freshwater to eliminate any residue. Store salon and spa tools in clean, dry containers or UV cabinets once they've been disinfected. Bacteria can build up on surfaces if they aren't cleaned on a regular basis.

Keep These Products in Your Saloon


This is the time to focus on what items you may utilize in your salon in order to maintain the highest standards of sanitation.


  1. Disposable gloves:

    Whether doing waxing, manicures, or pedicures, it is advisable to use disposable gloves. Because they are disposable, gloves will protect your skin from harsh cleaning solutions and other toxic substances and prevent cross-contamination. After usage, they should be peeled off and thrown away.

  2. Barbicide disinfectant:

    Barbicide disinfects grooming devices and salon items that are not appropriate for autoclaving, including as brushes, combs, and plastic instruments. Mix water and Barbicide in a measuring cup before pouring into a jar. Always follow the product's directions to ensure that you use it safely and dispose of it properly while wearing vinyl gloves. It offers a full selection of sprays, wipes, and equipment to make it simple to deliver the highest level of cleanliness.

  3. Autoclaves and sterilizers:

    Autoclaves and sterilizers are required in salons because they are the only assured technique of destroying bacteria on metal equipment and instruments. Before placing your equipment in an autoclave, you must ensure that all debris has been removed by washing them properly. You will then be able to utilize the autoclave, which normally takes 20 minutes to finish. An automated medical autoclave can sanitize in only 11 minutes for increased efficiency.

  4. Anti-bacterial hand gel: Anti-bacterial hand gels are like Vines and Mundo, which are vital for both the client and the therapist, and will guarantee that your hands are clean both before and after treatment.

  5. Disinfectant wipes:

    Wipes are an efficient and rapid method for cleaning surfaces and equipment. The Mundo multi-surface cleaning wipes are a practical and inexpensive option for disinfecting several surfaces, including PVC and vinyl. These aldehyde- and phenol-free wipes are a must for any hectic professional atmosphere and make your hygiene routine more convenient.


Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your salon is important for protecting yourself, your clients, and the general public. A clean, sanitary, and safe location can inspire confidence, encourage continuous business, and prevent difficulties such as cross-contamination, germs, and viruses. This blog explores the way of protecting your salon from germs and bacteria. Follow these suggestions about salon sanitation and hygiene to make a perfect salon.