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Do You Want to be A Beautician Rather Than A Doctor? Know The Competition

It might surprise you if anyone tells you about choosing to be a Beautician rather than a Doctor. Here, presenting some of the finest reasons why should an individual choose the career path of being a Beautician over a Doctor.


Importance of a Beautician


1. Fast Entry into the Market


When you enter into the beauty industry by getting enrolled in a related course, it doesn't consume much of an individual’s time to get qualified and earn the certification. Moreover, individuals can get a license within the timeframe of one year or less. Whereas if an individual were a doctor, it requires them to first complete the mandatory 5 years long course then specialize in Dermatology for another 2 - 3 years.


Importance of a Beautician


2. Work with People from Various Backgrounds


Beauticians are not limited to just salons and therapy centers. If one has good hands-on techniques, they can work with famous celebrities. More or less every celebrity has their own beautician that they rely on. Celebrities like to consult with their personal preferred beauticians to toggle some of their features rather than getting an appointment with a doctor because getting an appointment with a good dermatologist is pretty time-consuming.


3. One Can Earn a Handsome Amount


Beauty is all about money in today’s world. When an individual works as a beautician, the work context leads them towards successful career build up in the industry generating better income. Moreover, if an individual does a good job at work it open doors to repeat customers, referrals, and tips as well. Although a doctor’s charge is more than compared to that of a beautician, people nowadays trust the beauticians and when they have repeated customer they can rather have a good amount of earnings.


4. Fun Working Environment


The job is rather fun with a relaxing working environment. To add on, individuals get to work in the field that they really love. The work allows the individual to play around toggling with different colors and textures. As well as permit individuals to sharpen their skills. Whereas Doctor’s life is quite mundane and they need to apply only the taught skills, pretty restricted.


5. Flexible Schedule


The working schedules are rather flexible which allows individuals to work full-time, part-time, day shifts, night shifts, and on weekends as per their preferences. Thus individuals have the opportunity to work alongside their studies. This flexibility is not possible for doctors. They need to maintain their routine works and be on their duties or sometimes rush to the workplace if there’s an emergency.


Importance Beautician Rather Than A Doctor


6. Work As An Entrepreneur


A certified beautician has the freedom to set up their own business and enjoy being their own boss rather than working under another person’s supervision after getting the certificate from a verified institution. In terms of medical studies, even after completing their studies, it is required for them to work under supervision for a longer period to earn the required training to set up their own chambers.


Final Words

In the context of Australia, the beauty industry is progressing day by day. One of the RTO which avails Certificates in beauty courses is Noble Training Academy (NTA). It is a privately operated Registered Training Organisation that gives certificates within Australia in beauty-related courses. It offers a range of nationally recognized qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma level in the beauty industry.

The training at Noble Training Academy (NTA) is developed to ensure that the graduates learn skills that are relevant to the needs of employers and clients in the beauty industry. 

So, if an individual is still in a dilemma between choosing their career as a beautician and a doctor then they must give a thought to the abovementioned reasons which will help them to decide.