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Let's talk about the beauty therapy industries at a glance in this article. Undoubtedly, beauty therapy is one of the growing industries right now in Australia. If you are thinking of doing study or training as a beauty therapist, then doing long-term formal training will waste your time, money, and efforts. Getting an Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) makes those terms easier to overcome, and you will easily feel the job demand in these industries very quickly.

Now, you have experienced in related industries for 2/3 years and want to make a career in Australia, then the use of RPL will be the best preferable choice. From the current demand in beauty industries. Anyone with less experience will also be available to apply for an RPL in the beauty industry. Right now, the need for a beauty expert is very high. If someone has proper qualifications about therapy or massages with no institutional certificates, then the candidates still allow applying for an RPL.

Get the chance to work with some well-known therapist centers while you can collect the RPL without any educational Qualifications. Let's discuss further words to know more about this job's demand and how RPL has influenced in Beauty industry in Australia.


Covid-19 Situation in The Beauty Industries in Australia


What is the Covid-19 Situation in The Beauty Industries in Australia?

In this current situation of Covid-19, the growth of beauty industries fell and went out of control badly. A study shows that from the first lockdown of May 2020, the general public stopped purchasing beauty products and services regularly.

As a result, the economy of this business went out of hand, and small entrepreneurs had to shut down massage therapy Centers, beauty parlors, Spa Center, and other beauty care services in the World. Lots of experienced people are become jobless and lost their only way of livelihood in this situation. In Australia, only skilled people are living a stable and better life at this point. RPL diploma courses in beauty therapy are helping those experienced workers and learners to apply for a relevant job under the pandemic situation. So, RPL is making the possible vibe to overlap the crisis of unemployment.


How Can RPL Boost Your Career in the Beauty Industry Without a Degree in this Covid Pandemic?

There is an expectation of substantial growth of the beauty therapy sector in Australia. In the upcoming years, there will be some revolutionary changes in this industry. About 20,000 new jobs will be anticipated over the next five years in the Beauty industry. (Source: According to the Australian Government's Career Outlook service) Now those industries are seeking skilled applicants who are most responsible, well-presented and have good interpersonal skills.


How Can RPL Boost Your Career in the Beauty Industry


From the beauty business industry concept, one of the ideal advantages is to have an RPL certificate in this industry. Anyone can start a career in beauty therapy care and services with an entry-level qualification by earning an RPL. For the covid situation, the Beauty & Personal Care industry is subject to constant challenges, new innovations, day-to-day transformations, and the beauty industry getting the thrives from RPL jobholders. The RPL courses required minimum work experienced or no experienced based on your skills in this industry line and to become a beauty therapist or beauty artist. It is a straightforward and more secure process to earn an RPL to improve your works and help to boost your career in this sector.

To know more, read the following paragraph about the RPL assessment of the beauty therapy industry.


What is the Assessment Process of RPL in the Beauty Therapy Industry?

Collect your RPL certificates I, II in Beauty Therapy with just four easy steps.


There is no obligation to apply, and also, it's a budget-friendly process. First, Beauty related skill tests are checked by an experienced RTO representative and totally free.


Next is to submit your 'Experience Portfolio' and provide relevant documents about the training on beauty therapy. (Such as professional training certificates, photos, videos of the earlier working institutions, prior references, previous qualifications (If any), updated resume, and other documents as per the requirements)


RPL in the Beauty Therapy Industry



Thirdly, get a qualified assessor from one of our partnering RTOs. They will review the overall evidence and determine if the candidates are eligible in the therapy units for the RPL qualification access.


Lastly, if the RTO assesses you as the right candidate and applicant get passed in all required steps of competency of Beauty and consultant. Later within a week, a qualification letter will be awarded by the registered training organization based on your merit.

These four steps are the initial steps to complete an RPL assessment, but other requirements and criteria are under-maintained as per the policy.



Right now, every job requirement needs more skill elements to lift the career in Australia. It can be done by developing and improving the skills or training in a particular sector, but imagine who are well skilled but have no paper authentication and no jobs? So, thinking of that how they will make the livelihood in this covid situation. Here, the demand for Beauty therapists is now getting higher and higher in Australia. As a result, RPL now becomes one of the demanding courses for the beauty therapy industry. Build your career in the beauty therapy and treatment industry with the RPL certificates on your skilled unit.

Different courses and management lines are available in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Simply check out our website for more related blogs on RPL industries.