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The beauty industry has become a global industry that is progressing rapidly. The use of cosmetics nowadays has rather become an obligation to look presentable for a good impression on people. Moreover, maintaining a proper, clean, and tidy lifestyle is a key element for sound health, mind, and body. It has also become an essential part of our daily life to take care of our skin. As good skin reflects our personality and our hygiene.

Humans have been grooming themselves in one form or another since they first arrived on the planet. The concept behind beauty therapy has links with the earliest civilizations. Although there have been alterations in styles and fashions, Cosmetic treatments continued to be prominent throughout history.


Enter The World of Beauty with Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy


What is Beauty Therapy?


Beauty therapy is generally known as the application of beauty treatments. Like any great career, beauty therapy starts with a robust educational foundation. It has been in practice for ages. With time and technical availabilities, beauty therapy has been modernized.

In the context of Australia, the beauty industry is ahead of time. One of the RTO which avails Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy is Noble Training Academy (NTA). It is a privately operated Registered Training Organisation providing courses within Australia. It offers a range of nationally recognized qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma level in the beauty industry.

Beauty therapy training at Noble Training Academy (NTA) is developed to ensure that the graduates learn skills that are relevant to the needs of employers and clients in the beauty industry. 


All about Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy Course


The Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy course is nationally recognized training that maps the information related to Beauty Therapy and the essentials.

In this course, students can learn from our team of professionals how to provide a range of beauty services including waxing, manicure, and pedicure, lash and brow treatments, spray tanning, and make-up.

This course includes training in demonstrating and selling retail skincare and cosmetic products. The students can also learn about safe hygiene and work practices and environmental sustainability.


All about Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy course


It enables the students to learn through a combination of classroom and hands-on practical exercises, plus completing a practical placement in a salon of their choice. They can graduate with the technical and customer service skills needed to work as a competent beauty therapist.

People who undertake this course, work independently, with limited guidance from seniors or mentors, to perform routine and non-routine activities, and solve non-routine problems. They put in and accommodate technical skills and knowledge, and use judgment within the provision of beauty treatments and services. These individuals are liable for their own outputs and supply limited guidance to others.

People who possess the following attributes like reliability, are friendly and caring with a positive attitude and self-motivation also having no allergies to beauty products, well-presented with good communication skills, excellent time, and stress management skills are the best fit for this industry.

This course comprises 19 units that must be completed in order to get the certification. Out of which, 13 are core units and, 6 are elective units.